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Hi and welcome to my finnish language foodblog.
I know that nowadays Google translator is invented and used :) Still i put up this little summary of my pages in English. You get a translation option for example automatically by using Google Chrome as a browser. In my personal experiences i have found that translation works best in the way that you translate Finnish to English and read it there. If you try straight transfer for example Finnish to Dutch, the result might be almost useless and very hard to read and understand.

I am living in Jyväskylä (pop 130k.), MiddleFinland, Finland (pop. 5m+). In the blog i usually write about restaurant critic, foodproduct reviews and food recipes.

Restaurant critic

I write Jyväskylä area restaurant critics. Are you looking for lunch, restaurant, pizza in Jyväskylä area? I have over 200 restaurant reviews atm in my blog. I usully write about lunchtime options in the pricerange of 6-10 euros. I try to find local most interresting places. Just those places which are affordable, and offering good or excellent food. They can be offering Finnish style "homefood" or something else. In the other hand i have got a lot of Pizza and Kebab reviews also. You can get a decent pizza or kebab at the pricerange of 5.5 - 8.5 euros. You can find backround of the pointsystem here, but the row "Kokonaisarvio" is most important. 60-69 fills but not thrills, 70-79 is basic good, 80-90 is more than hoped for, and 90+ excellent.

You can find the link of the Jyväskylä area restaurants here, and the pizza - Kebab -place here. All reviews are listed in here under section "Ravintolaopas" - restaurant quide. They are divided by genre and location.

Here is short list of places where you might want to try/visit while visiting or staying in the Jyväskylä:


Figaro restaurant & winebistro (in city center)

Kissanviikset (in city center)


Muang Thai (citycenter)
Very good thai food

Kebab House (Tapkiran) (city center)
Familyfriendly pizzeria
Pizzeria Maria (city center)
familyfriendly pizzeria

Local food

Panda Licorice (Vaajakoski near citycenter)
Factory and factorymarket selling licorice and chocolate. Excellent quality in affordable or cheap price.

Foodproduct reviews

I also have lot of foodproduct reviews. You might be interrested of our local ryebread, which is very good. I have all bread reviews in the tag cloud under "ruisleipä" and "100% ruis" or in the section in this page. In the summertime you might want to check out ice cream reviews in the tag cloud under "jäätelö" or in the page mentioned before.

Food recipes

Page contains many food recipes. There is a lot of mushroom recipes, which are made by local area mushrooms. They are listed in the cloud under title "sieni".

Please leave a comment if you want. I can read and write English, Swedish and some German language.